Thursday, 10 April 2014

Returning to “normal life”

My first impressions after arriving (to Paris) were:
  • OMG, there is no sand anywhere!!!
  •  Soooo many people and almost no nature
  •  Really noisy
  • The first few meals are absolutely amazing, but its quick to get used to the insane amount of options we have
Back home in Brussels, what I find strange is the size of the average home compared to the hut I shared in Andava, and the fact that we sleep with the windows closed in almost complete silence (i.e. no sound of waves :-(

It’s great to reunite with loved ones but I soon had to realise that life has not stopped for them either and they are also eager to share what happened in the last two months. My experience is not the most important for them and as I keep comparing everything to Andava I am concerned when my surroundings will be completely saturated and ask me to stop. I also feel a bit lonely with my experience, it was such a collective adventure and now we are all back to our individual lives, surrounded by people who have not lived what we have and have difficulty relating to it (well, with the exception of a few, luckily).

As the days pass, however, and Andava feels further and further away, “reintegration” becomes a more realistic prospect. Our pre-departure guidebook (provided by Blue Ventures) has a chapter about returning home which starts by saying that this can be an “underwhelming experience”. I haven’t yet worked out whether I feel “under-” or “overwhelmed”, but whelmed it is to a great extent...

 What an incredible, breathtaking, influential, unforgettable, awesome adventure!

(See you next year?)

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